The Process--How to obtain a service dog for the autistic.

Step #1:  The Application Process:

I would be happy to assist you in finding the right service dog for your child and family.

Please fill out an application (click here to download) to provide me as much information as possible about your family situation, household dynamics and what type of dog would be best suited for your family. There is no obligation when filling out an application; it is simply a way of providing me with detailed information about your needs prior to our initial phone consultation.

Once I review your application and speak with my associates, I will determine if a service dog is an appropriate fit for your child/family. When your application is approved, I will set a phone conference and discuss dog selection, needs, etc. At this time I will need to know the tasks that you wish for the dog to perform to aid your child and family. I will also discuss your family's frequent activities, hobbies, etc., so that I can have the best information when I begin to look for dogs to meet your needs.

Once you decide to allow me to work with you and your family, I will send you an agreement to be signed. At this time the family signs and sends the agreement with a 25% deposit. This deposit ensures that you retain the next available spot on our waiting list.

Step #2: Typical Cost:

The typical cost for a dog is $35,000 to $45,000. This price can increase in the event that you have a need for additional and substantial training (this is uncommon) and certain breeds are more expensive.

Step #3:   Finding your dog:

Once I have received the agreement, I will then create a dog selection profile consisting of dogs that will be perfect for your situation.  Once you decide on a dog, I will proceed with the purchase of your new service dog.
I understand that each situation is unique and one breed will not fit every family’s needs, however I have found that certain breeds have the temperament, suitability, and drive to make successful service dogs. Typical service dog breeds include Labradors, Golden Retriever, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Standard Poodles, Border Collies and German Shepherds. We have had the opportunity to work with a large number of mixed breeds who have passed our service evaluation process and have become successful service dogs.

If you have a dog already, I would be more than happy to evaluate your dog with our service evaluation and temperament testing.

Step #4:  The Training:

Your dog is placed into my intensive socialization/training process. Not only will your dog work with me, but will also work with my trainers so I can be sure your dog will integrate and work with any family member.   

Training takes on average 4-6 months.  This time can vary depending on the number and type of tasks taught. During this time, you will have the opportunity to meet your service dog and spend some time getting to know each other. This time will also allow you to meet with me and my associates so we can all discuss your needs further.  During the training process, we will continue to work together to obtain additional information to assist us in training the dog. 

I will also provide you with updates on the dog and their training progress. Our standard service dog includes: on and off-leash obedience training, and repetitive behavior interruption. Dogs requiring additional training will increase in price.  At this time, I require an additional 25% of the total cost of the dog.


Step #5:  Delivery of your Service Dog

Once the training is complete one of our trainers will deliver the dog to your home. (Should you live outside a reasonable distance from our New Jersey center, you will be responsible for the additional cost of all travel and accommodation expenses for both the dog and the trainer.)

Now we will integrate your service dog into your home where it will live and work.  We will take your service dog with your family to the restaurants, theaters, stores and other places you visit normally; this way we can demonstrate techniques to you will use in these places. 

Upon delivery, the balance of the dog/training cost is due.
The typical cost for a dog is $35,000 to $45,000. This price can increase in the event that you have a need for additional and substantial training (this is uncommon).



I offer many different options in order to maintain the training on your service dog for years to come. On the day of pickup I will cover a specific program and training to fit the particular needs of your family, but in general I suggest that you work with one of my trainers at least once a year to work out any kinks and/or learn any new techniques.


You will receive a certification from me for your service dog.  The ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act governs the use of service dogs to assist people. The ADA also outlines where dogs can be taken and under what circumstances.